23. April 2014

Inspired by a Bracelet

Do you often get inspired by clothes or accessoires? I do, and I even picture the suitable manicure designs in my mind, it's just not that often that I implement them. However, I didn't even hesitate when I first unpacked and saw the bracelet I got from SammyDress store for review.

needle nail design

The bracelet is dark blue with gold, white and pink abstract patterns, it's very light and fits perfectly to my somewhat wide wrist. It clips easily and doesn't fall off during the day. I also like that it doesn't catch neither hair nor clothes when you wear it.

SammyDress bracelet

The bracelet retails at 4.43$ (!) at SammyDress store - here you can find the direct link to the item. There are also other colours and patterns, but I think you can never guess which one you get, hehe. I didn't mind about that because I liked all the colours and pattens they offer.

SammyDress bracelet

As for the manicure - it was very easy to create: I started with 2 coats of Layla Ceramic Effect #13 (swatch), applied rhinestones on my index and pinkie fingers, then added some drops of gold, white and pink polish and made some random movements with a needle. Easier to create than to describe :)

abstract nail design needle

To be honest, I haven't done any nail design with a needle since high school, and I was happy to experiment with it again. And, what is good about abstract designs - you can never go wrong :)

abstract nail design

nail art inspired by bracelet

20. April 2014


Spontaneous polish purchases are something that I don't do that often any more - for stash control purposes. Swatches of every shade are thoroughly scrutinised by me in an attempt to conclude whether I really want this polish or not. All the above did not refer to Orly Halo which I bought simply because I liked it on a nail wheel in a store. Oh, and it was on discount, too ;)

Orly Halo

Orly Halo is a transparent base full of golden glitter and bigger silver hexagones. It took me some time to realize that they are actually silver - and this is where the secret of this polish is hidden. Silver counterplays with gold, and all the thing glimmering - a nice effect is created overall. Now I can justify my spontaneous purchase - the shade was interesting enough to be in my stash :)

Orly Halo

Orly Halo

The application was ok, it's just the polish is quite transparent, so I needed 3 coats. I also covered it with a top coat, and it became even more shiny. Never seen halos, but they definitely could look like that :) 

Orly Halo

And my attempts to make the close-up shots. Uff I need a better camera... but just to describe it in 3 words: glitter, glitter, glitter. Me happy :)

Orly Halo

Orly Halo

I have a weird but persistent idea to mattify it.. it either will kill all the beauty or will make it look different but cool. What do you think?

18. April 2014

Stamping Plate KD3 from Born Pretty Store

Keeping my promise to show you another stamping plate that I got from Born Pretty Store. The more I use them, the more inspired I get: for such a price these plates are simply a treasure! Because look what a mani I got without any effort:

As a part of the "standard operating procedure" I would like to devote some words to the base colour. But just a few, because there is nothing much to describe, you will know everything yourself as soon as I say the name - Essie Lilacism.

Essie Lilacism is a light lilac cream - just as the name hints. Just because it's one of my first Essie polishes ever - I like it more than I should, probably. To be honest, it's nothing special, neither unique. The formula is good, so is the drying time.

What is more interesting is the stamping plate. I like 2 things about it: the designs it contains are quite simple but always handy and cute - hearts, dots, bows, stars - standard girly set :) And second, the full nail images are big enough not to care if they fit the nails. And my nails are relatively long at the moment.

Just FYI - the stamping plate costs... how much? No. It's 1.55$!!! You can find it at Born Pretty Store here, and as you know they have free shipping worldwide. Sounds great to me.

The stamping turned out quite fine, even though I made it within 7 minutes and used a usual polish for stamping, not any special one. 

So far so good, now if I see any nice stamping pates on Born Pretty Store - I'll take them because I got sufficient assurance in their quality.

And finally, here's a coupon for 10% discount at Born Pretty Store. Check their site, apart from stamping plates they have a whole huge variety of different decorations, nail art tools and supplements and other nice stuff for nails! 
*The stamping plate was kindly provided by Born Pretty Store PR team for my consideration. In this post I expressed my honest and unbiased opinion about the product.

16. April 2014

Sol Brillante

If I see an appealing or an unusual "noname" polish in a shop, I rarely grab it without googling some swatches. However, when I saw [b] Basic Sol Brillante from Sevilla LE, I was not pondering even for a second. What is here to ponder, if the polish costed around a euro... Never ever have I regretted later.

[b] Basic Sol Brillante

[b] Basic nagellack

[b] Basic Sol Brillante is a mixture of gold and red glitter in a clear base, whereas the red particles are larger than the gold ones. To get an opaque (more or less) coverage, you will need 3 coats. A top coat would be good to use, too, because this thing doesn't really dry by itself.

[b] Basic sevilla

The bottle was not so poorly designed for a euro-polish, and it sparkled like crazy under the sun. So did the polish itself when applied on the nails - these are the good news.

[b] Basic nagellack

Another piece of good news is that this polish is multifunctional - you can apply it solo, use it for layering or create cool gradients by sponging it on the nail tips. The latter I really want to try once!

[b] Basic nail polish

[b] Basic nail polishes

The bad news is that it was a limited edition launched in like 2012, so I really doubt that you can ever find it. BUT...

[b] Basic nail polish

...if you liked the polish and wanna get something similar, try China Glaze Electrify and Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice. If they are not dupes, they are extremely close relatives.

14. April 2014

Kiko #338

Thank you for your patience, for you have seen 4 polishes of the same brand shown in a row in my blog :) :) Today I'm showing you the last one out of 4 KIKOs that I own - Kiko #338. The colour is pretty interesting - and hard to photograph, so I'm honestly telling you in advance that I was tuning the colour up in Photoshop.

Kiko 338

Kiko #338 is a bright lavender creme with a good drop of white. By bright I don't mean "in-your-face-bright", but it's more contrast and vivid than it looks in the bottle. The original name of the polish is "Lavanda Chiaro" - well, so be it. 

Kiko 338

Kiko 338

Kiko 338

As it often happens with Kiko, I was more than satisfied with the quality and application. The polish is very opaque and pigmented, yet not goopy and applies very well in 2 coats. If you need a top coat or not - is totally up to you. I often wear Kiko polishes "as they are".

Kiko 338 nail polish

Kiko 338 nail polish

Next post will be featuring another brand, I promise!! ^^ And generally I think I won't be showing Kiko polishes until I buy more of them... which I hope will be soon. Their Cupcake collection is very VERY attractive ;) 

10. April 2014


Long time no see from... water decals. Although they are such an easy upgrade to a manicure, I haven't been using them for ages. That's why I was happy when I got my package from Born Pretty Store with a sheet of cute white flower decals to try. Immediately I thought: what a delicate spring pattern - and did a simple manicure with them.

water decals white flowers

But hey, hold on :) I can't omit a couple of words about the base colour - Kiko #340. Oh, sorry, Kiko Celeste. But who cares, noone knows Kiko polishes by names except for the creators anyways.   

Kiko 340

Kiko 340

Kiko #340 is a bright blue creme with a glossy finish. The texture is pleasant to work with, opaque yet not goopy. The application was easy as hell, 2 coats and I didn't even apply a top coat - there was no need in it.

Kiko 340

Sorry for the photo spam, but the shade is pretty (I reckon) and it was so easy to photograph. Couldn't stop. And it's not even a holo.

Kiko 340

Kiko 340

And now finally - on to the decals from Born Pretty Store. They arrived in a pink hard paper and with a protection film on top. Very easy to unpack and prepare for using. There was even a "user guide" printed on the back of the pink carton, but hey, who of us doesn't know how to use water decals.. :P

So, what I did was just applying the flower pattern on 2 nails and placing rhinestones on the other 3. As simple as that.

water decals nail art flowers

I should say that the water decals were so easy and pleasant to use that even my 7yo niece would cope with them! And the quality was great, they slid gently from the paper back, they didn't tear or fall apart during the application. Also, after I applied the final layer of a top coat the decals looked like I hand painted the flowers. People were really asking if I did!

water decals for nail art

You can find the water decals shown in this post here - they retail for 2.86$. As usual, the prices of BPS are very customer-friendly :) 

Moreover: here's a coupon for 10% discount at Born Pretty Store. Check their site, apart from stamping plates they have a whole huge variety of different decorations, nail art tools and supplements and other nice stuff for nails! 

*The stamping plate was kindly provided by Born Pretty Store PR team for my consideration. In this post I expressed my honest and unbiased opinion about the product.

8. April 2014

Rosa Fenicottero

Last week I experienced something which I would describe as KIKOphoria - I was wearing 4 KIKO shades in a row. Out of four that I own. No idea what I would do if I had 20 KIKO polishes, but since I started the topic, I decided to show you one more colour - Kiko #288.

Kiko 288

Kiko Rosa Fenicottero (beautiful name, no?) is a fuchsia creme with a glossy finish. Equally I would describe the colour as "Barbie pink", but apparently the perception of Barbie pink varies from person to person. Easy application on 2 coats (hooray to KIKO cremes), no top coat needed. 

Kiko 288

Kiko 288

The colour is nice, but not so easy to catch on the photos. It strongly depends on the light and its type: the polish by itself has a strong blue (i.e. cold) undertone, but it looks a bit warmer under the sun and under the lamps indoors.

Kiko 288

Kiko 288

Thinking what to do with this nice base for nail art I firstly wanted to stamp over it, but I realised I did it last time - you can check my old swatches by the way :) So this time I just layered a fun glitter on top - Dance Legend Flossy #146.

Dance Legend Flossy 144

Those Flossy tops are fun to play with! Here you can see #144 over red, grey and beige, just for example. Recently Dance Legend has launched the new Rio tops - can't wait to get them! 

Dance Legend Flossy top 144 Dance Legend Flossy 144

Dance Legend Flossy

Oh, and the next post will be also about KIKO. Hehe.